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Scripts and Translations

Music Talk: KUN - No Exception (没有意外)

Life sometimes is a lonely self-rally. With no exceptions, there are always disappointment. This could also be a test for your endurance.

T Magazine & KUN Jan 2020

The persona of KUN represents the aspects that he is willing to show to others, just like the Classic Force played by a close-up magician.

GQ & KUN Jan 2020

Special project by GQ & Cai Xukun (KUN) - the 13 anxieties among millennials in 2020: New Year, Old Goal

ESQUIRE Fine & KUN Fall 2019

How to keep your focus on track when there are so many distractions? KUN said: I still have a long time and only I can define myself.

ESQUIRE & KUN Oct 2019

KUN on the October Cover of ESQUIRE China: Listen to My Songs, Don't Ask Who I Am

Marie Claire & KUN Oct 2019

China. October, 2019. 蔡徐坤,创未来 KUN, Next Article in Chinese: More pictures from: Marie...

L'Officiel & KUN

France, October, 2019. Cai Xukun, L’idole de la pop Chinoise 蔡徐坤,中国流行偶像 Article in French:

Southern People Weekly & KUN

China. September, 2019. 蔡徐坤:能定义我的只有时间 KUN: Only Time Can Define Me Article will be released soon


China. September Cover, 2019. 蔡徐坤:意外制造者 KUN: ME, and MY MUSIC Translated version of the article is coming soon


China. September Cover, 2019. 蔡徐坤 x 徐震:徐徐人声 争议是迷宫,艺术是出口 先锋音乐人与国际艺术家跨界对话 KUN & Zhen XU: A Slow Talk Controversy is a Maze, and Art can be...

WSJ. Men's Style & KUN

China. August Cover, 2019. 蔡徐坤:天降大任 Kun: MEANT TO BE Coming SOON...

Vogue Me & KUN

China. August Cover, 2019. 蔡徐坤:不燃怎YOUNG KUN:The FERVOR of YOUNG 蔡徐坤观察报告 The Observation Report on KUN 一年的爆发期之后,“中国超级流量明星“蔡徐坤经历了很酷的事和糟糕的事。...

Cosmopolitan & KUN

China. July Cover, 2019. 蔡徐坤:危机中前行 KUN: Moving Forward in the Storm 【All rights reserved. 非经同意,他人不得出版或作更改】

IKun Meets Kun EP 3 (P 2) 英中对照

Episode 3 (Part 2): When My Husband Meets Kun 第3期 (下集): 当我先生遇上Kun We will share the latest news about Kun, including his support for the...

IKun Meets Kun EP3 (Part 1) 英中对照

Episode 3 (Part 1): Philanthropy, Prada, and Passion 第3期 (上集): 公益事业、Prada代言、热血粉丝 After successfully wrapped up his sold-out tour...

IKun Meets Kun EP 2 英中对照

Episode 2: Kun's New Song 'Hard to Get' & Solo Tour in the U.S. 第2期: 新歌《Hard to Get》和美国公演的粉丝分享 In this second episode, we will not only...

IKun Meets Kun EP 1 英中对照

Episode 1: Cai Xukun Solo Tour and Anniversary 第一期: Kun的个人公演以及出道周年纪念日 April 6, 2019, is the one year debut anniversary for Cai Xukun...

Global People Mag & KUN Mar. 2018

Special Feature: 蔡徐坤的征途与星辰 KUN's Journey and Stars Interview article in Chinese:

Harper's BAZAAR & KUN

China. February Cover, 2019. 蔡徐坤:其实我不是你想的那样 KUN: I am not what you think I am 【All rights reserved. 非经同意,他人不得出版或作更改】

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