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IKun Meets Kun EP 3 (P 2) 英中对照

Episode 3 (Part 2): When My Husband Meets Kun

第3期 (下集): 当我先生遇上Kun

We will share the latest news about Kun, including his support for the earthquake relief efforts in SiChuan and new collaboration with the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. In addition, we have another group of special guests this time. Ming is a boyfriend of an iKun and a fan himself. Samantha and Kevin, a happy iKun couple, are living in Belgium. They are joining us today to share stories about Kun and some tips for a good relationship.

Hosts: Berry and Mumu


1, Ming from the U.S.

2, Samantha (Sam) and Kevin, a couple from Belgium 

Berry: Hello everyone, welcome to the third episode of IKUN Meets KUN, this is Berry, I’m one of your hosts today. 

Berry: 大家好,欢迎来到IKUN Meets KUN第三期。我是今天的主持人Berry。

Mumu: What's up everyone, this is Mumu! So excited to be your host today!

Mumu: 大家好,我是Mumu,很兴奋能主持今天的这期节目!

Berry: Yo yo yo, we are back again, woohooo~~~

Berry: Yo yo yo,我们又回来了!

Berry: Let’s talk about some news that are still hot off the press! There was an 6.0 magnitude earthquake happened on the night of June 17th, Beijing time in Yibin, Szechuan Province in China. The whole society is consistently focused on the latest updates about the relief works. As the philanthropy ambassador of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, or known as the CFPA, KUN immediately donated a hundred thousand RMB to Foundation as the relief fund for city reconstructions and essential supplies. Fortunately, a lot of houses and buildings got strengthened to withstand the earthquake and other natural disasters.


Mumu: Yea, I know a lot of Ikuns also donated to support the people affected by the earthquake. really hope everything gets better soon.


Mumu: Berry, have you heard about the largest ever Picasso exhibition in Beijing? It’s at the UCCA, which is the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. As the Arts and Philanthropy Ambassador for UCCA, Kun has recorded audio guides for some of the artworks so you can actually hear him telling you the story behind each artwork as you walk through the exhibition! 

Mumu:Berry,你听说了最近在北京的毕加索展吗?它在北京的尤伦斯当代艺术中心 (UCCA)。而KUN作为UCCA艺术公益大使,则为该展的部分展品特别录制了语音导览,所以大家观展时还能听到KUN的语音讲解哦,由他来为你讲述那些艺术巨作背后的故事!

Berry: What a fantastic concept! Kun has such a great voice!


Mumu: I know! Well, if you ever get a chance to visit Beijing, definitely check out the exhibition between June 15 and September 1. 


Mumu: On June 28th, Kun will join Hunan TV’s variety show World Got Talent as a guest! If you haven’t seen the teasers, check them out on Kunsland’s official youtube channel. he is so~so~ cute, you don’t want to miss these!

Mumu: KUN担任嘉宾参与录制的湖南卫视大型真人秀节目《巅峰之夜》将在6月28日播出。如果你还没有看过花絮,请点击蔡徐坤姐姐团Youtube官方频道。他真的太太太可爱了,绝对不容错过!

Berry: So we received a lot of feedback for the interviews released last week. This time, as mentioned before, it is time to introduce our IKUN brother and a lovely IKUN couple from Belgium!

Berry: 我们收到了非常多有关上周电台采访的反馈。这期节目,和上期预告一样,是时候介绍我们的IKUN哥哥和一对来自比利时非常有爱的IKUN夫妇了!

Mumu: Now let's welcome our first secret guest Ming! He is a boyfriend of an IKUN and a male fan himself! We're so happy to have you here and share your experience with us as an akgg!


Ming: Hello everyone, this is Ming. I'm living in the States. Me and my girlfriend both like KUN.

Ming: 大家好,我是Ming,我住在美国。我和我的女朋友都很喜欢KUN。

Mumu: Very curious, how did you get to know KUN?

Mumu: 很好奇,你是怎么知道KUN的呢?

Ming: 2018 Idol Producer released and I started to watch this show with my girlfriend. This is my first time to watch this type of TV show. In this show, my girlfriend and I were both impressed by KUN. He can do singing and dancing at the same time. KUN can switch moods base on the music within seconds. Especially the first stage called PPAP, when it dropped the beat, he could give the audience such an energetic vibe.


Mumu: I love his performance in Idol Producer as well! Is there a specific scene that is most memorable to you?


Ming: There was one scene in Idol Producer that touched me. Trainees were split into several groups to compete. Yeah, based on the rules, each group had to vote and transfer two trainees to another group. There were only two days left before the stage performance, which meant whoever got transferred had a higher chance of losing the competition. KUN wanted to help his teammates to stay so he decided to transfer to another group voluntarily to learn a new song called Listen To What I Said. After he transferred to the new group, he spent all the time possible to practice. His teammates mentioned that he literally slept only 4 hours in two days! 


Mumu: I know the exact miraculous part that you are talking about.

Mumu: 我完全知道你说的是哪个奇迹诞生的时刻。

Ming: Right, He is a really hard working person and a good team leader who takes care of his teammates. And his hard work got paid off! Because of the significant amount of votes he received from the audience, his new team won the competition. Most trainees on his team ended up moving to the final round.


Mumu: Wow, I still feel the excitement just hearing you talk about it! So since you started following Kun with your girlfriend, what is the craziest or most memorable thing you did for KUN?


Ming: My girlfriend and I have a long-term distance relationship for a while. When KUN’s new song coming out, even I’m outside of China, and could not listen to the song via Chinese music platforms, I still try my best to hit the chart to help push the song into the first place on the Chinese Billboard.


Mumu: Thank you for your contribution, Ming! Now let's imagine you have a chance to sit down and have a cup of coffee with KUN for a few minutes. What would you like to tell him?


Ming: If I have a chance to grab coffee with KUN, I would like to tell him that he is the most hard working and talented idol I’ve ever seen. I also want to hear some more stories from him. Such as the process he wrote his songs, his inspiration, his motivation, etc. I wish he can produce more outstanding songs and stage performances and move into a higher level in his career. Well, if possible, can he take a picture with me?


Mumu: Hahaha, thank you so much for joining us today and sharing you experience!


Berry: Now let’s connect to our special guests now. They are an IKUN couple from Belgium.

Berry: 现在让我们来连线特别的来宾。他们是一对来自比利时的IKUN夫妇。

Mumu: Yeah welcome Sam and Kevin!

Mumu: 欢迎Sam和Kevin!

Sam: Yeah Hello everyone!

Sam: 大家好!

Kevin: Hello everyone! Thanks for having us. It’s an honor to be in the show.

Kevin: 大家好!非常感谢你们的邀请。很荣幸能参与到这个节目。

Berry: So how did you guys find out about KUN?

Berry: 所以你们是怎么知道KUN的?

Sam: Yeah for me last year I was watching Idol Producer, so he also joined me to watch him.

Sam: 我是因为看去年的偶像练习生认识到KUN的,他(Kevin)也跟我一起看了。

Kevin: Yeah of course Samantha started watching him first, so yeah, she started playing Nine Percent a lot. So it’s always in the background when she was like cooking, or you know, when we are in the home, so I also started liking the songs, they always got stuck in my head you know, so…

Kevin: 嗯,当然刚开始是Samantha先开始看KUN的,然后她开始播放很多Nine Percent相关的(视频),在她做饭的时候或者我们在家的时候,NPC的音乐就一直是我们的背景音乐。自然而然地我就开始喜欢上那些歌了,而且那些歌常常在我的脑海里盘旋...

Berry: Oh lovely!

Berry: 很棒!

Kevin: Yeah that’s how I get to know him. I also liked him, so we started following together. 

Kevin: 从那时候起我开始知道KUN的。而且我也挺喜欢他的,所以我们就一起开始追KUN了。

Mumu: So you’ve been watching him since Idol Producer, that’s over a year since then. Learning more about him, what trait from KUN does attract you the most?

Mumu: 所以你们是从偶像练习生那时候开始关注KUN的, 那已经是一年多以前了。这么长时间里你们对他肯定越来越了解了,你们觉得KUN的哪些特质最吸引你们呢?

Sam: I think it’s like his personality. I learned a lot about his past experience and I really love it. He is like really works hard and he never gives up. When I think about him, I remind when I was younger, how I fight for my life, fight for my dream. He is really a great star in my opinion. 

Sam: 我觉得是他的性格。我从他过去的一些经历里学到了很多。KUN是个非常努力并且坚持不懈的一个人。每次想到他的时候,我都会回想起我年轻的时候是如何奋斗和追求我的梦想的。我觉得他真的是个了不起的人。

Berry: Yeah how about Kevin?

Berry: 那么Kevin呢?

Kevin: What I like about him is that he is such a like, well-rounded artist. Like the best of all artists combine in my opinion. Like a great singer and performer. And on top of that, he did even a DJ so I don’t think I have seen many artists like him, like in Europe or even in America that doing so much actually, and being good at everything that he does. So I would like hope to see him again in Europe, or even Tomorrowland in Belgium that would be amazing. So we hope he comes to Belgium one day. Hahaha yeah It’s like a festival with all famous DJs. So it’d be nice to see him perform here.

Kevin: 我喜欢他是因为我觉得他是一个很全面的艺人,像是所有艺人最好的综合体。他是个很棒的歌手和表演者。除此之外,他还是个DJ。在欧洲甚至美国,事实上我没有见过多少艺人是像他这样涉猎这么多的,并且不管做什么都做得很好。所以我真的希望能再见到他来欧洲表演,他如果能来比利时Tomorrowland电子音乐节的话就真的太棒了!我们希望他能来,这个音乐节汇集了所有世界闻名的DJ。如果他能来表演就太好了。

Sam: He is really cool on a stage. 

Sam: 他在舞台上真的充满魅力。

Kevin: Yeah I noticed he already knows a lot of DJs I like so It’d be amazing to see him perform together with them. 

Kevin: 对我注意到他已经认识了好多我喜欢的DJ。如果能看到他们一起表演的话就真的太棒了!

Berry: What is the craziest thing that you guys have done for KUN before? Tell us about it. 

Berry: 你们能跟我们说说你们为了KUN做的最疯狂的一件事是什么吗?

Kevin: Oh, wow the craziest thing is probably go to China to see him.

Kevin: 最疯狂的事可能是去中国看他了吧。

Berry: Wow that’s a long distance. 

Berry: 哇那真的是很远呢。

Sam: Also go to London. We went to London to see him. 

Sam: 还有伦敦!我们一起去伦敦看他了。

Kevin: Yeah we did like two performances in China and London.

Kevin: 对 我们看了两场他的表演,一次在中国,一次在伦敦。

Mumu: Which performance in China did you go?

Mumu: 你们去了中国的哪一场?

Kevin: In Wuhan, the Nine Percent one. It’s a great experience for me. Like seeing all the buses arrive, and then how people interact with each other, share their pictures. And that’s like really special, one big family yeah and I’ve never really experienced something like that. It’s amazing. 

Kevin: 武汉的Nine Percent那场。对我来说那是个很棒的经历。比如说看到很多粉丝一起坐公车来啊,然后互相交流,分享他们拍的照片啊之类的,就像是一个很特别的大家庭一样。 我之前是从来没有经历过这样的,觉得很不可思议。

Mumu: And a lot of people, right?

Mumu: 然后看到了很多人是不是?

Kevin: Yeah yeah there were a lot of people in both of the shows. So yeah we had to wait for a while in London. Yeah crazy for me waiting so long.

Kevin: 对啊,我去的两场演唱会都有非常多的人。伦敦那场我们还排队等了很久。太疯狂了等了那么久。

Mumu: When did you get there?

Mumu: 你们几点到那里的?

Kevin: 10 am I think.

Kevin: 应该是早上10点。

Sam: Yeah 10 o’clock in the morning.

Sam: 对,早上10点。

Kevin: It’s a long waiting time but it’s worth it. Hahaha. it was fun and amazing and to meet the other IKUN. So yeah they were really lovely and kind. When you were like in line, you know in London, like everyone was so sweet and share their foods and their chairs to sit on, and you know having fun, talk to each other. Once we got in like, it looks like, euhh hahha. Everyone go crazy, they need to be in the 1st line. It’s really funny. People change all of a sudden, like from one team to competition. Hahaha

Kevin: 我们真的等了很久,但是我觉得非常值得,哈哈哈。见到其他的IKUN其实是个特别好玩的一件事。IKUN们都很可爱,人也很好。在伦敦排队的时候,看到那些IKUN们很贴心,还互相分享吃的,分享椅子,彼此之间谈笑风生,很和谐。但是当我们进场的时候,大家都疯了,因为每个人都想站到第一排,很有意思。大家都突然变了,从一个队的队友变成了竞争者,哈哈哈。

Berry: It’s like a battle.

Berry: 像一场战争一样。

Mumu: I know. I saw a lot of European IKUN went to the London show, right?

Mumu: 我知道。我还看到很多在欧洲的IKUN也去了伦敦的演唱会对吗?

Kevin: Oh yeah yeah yeah, a few people were behind us also. Not sure what country they were from, Italy or something. I think they told me they got to know him through the, what’s the name again?

Kevin: 对的对的,有一些不知道什么国家来的,好像是意大利的吧,排在我们的后面。然后他们跟我说他们他们是看那个什么电视来的,认识KUN的。

Sam: 《我才不会被女孩子欺负呢》。

Berry: He is so cute in there.

Berry: KUN在里面好可爱的。

Sam: It’s a really cute one.

Sam: 对那个电视剧特别可爱.

Kevin: I also liked it actually.

Kevin: 我其实还挺喜欢的。

Sam: We watched it together, he likes it, Kevin likes it actually.

Sam: 我和Kevin一起看的那个电视剧,Kevin挺喜欢的。

Kevin:  He is a great actor also, and that way they got to know him and they looked him up, and they thought he was cute and handsome, and so they didn’t notice he was also singing and performing, so they started following him like that. They really liked him so they went to see his show in London, we really happy to see him.

Kevin: 他也是个很好的演员。就是因为这个电视剧那些粉丝们才认识KUN的,他们觉得KUN很帅气可爱,就去上网搜了下他的资料,才发现KUN还是个歌手,然后就开始追星了。他们真的很喜欢KUN所以去了伦敦看他的公演,我们都很开心能见到KUN。

Mumu: It was crazy here that people actually saw the show first and then realized he’s actually a singer, and rapper and some producer and all that, and came to the show.

Mumu: 对啊很神奇的是很多人都是先看的那个电视剧,然后才发现KUN其实是个歌手,会说唱,也会自己制作音乐, 然后才去看他的演唱会。

Kevin: Yeah they really enjoyed it. 

Kevin: 对他们很享受(KUN的表演)。

Sam: It was really long day waiting, I felt so sorry about it, my sweet husband.

Sam: 那天真的排太久的队了,我都觉得有点对不起我的老公。

Kevin: Hahaha

Kevin: 哈哈哈

Berry: 10 hrs. You guys were so patient. 

Berry: 10个小时呢。你们真的很有耐心。

Kevin: I also noticed other husbands were waiting, it's really amazing like they came early morning and they were even in front of us, they must wait there even longer. They just waited for their wives to come and the wives came in the evening, and they just replaced them. But the husbands waited there all day for their wives, so that’s really nice of them.

Kevin: 我还发现有很多其他的丈夫也在排队,他们还在我们前面的呢,就证明他们来的更早。他们就是来替他们的妻子排队的。那些妻子们晚上来替换她们老公排队了。丈夫们真的等了一整天,真的太贴心了。

Mumu: But did they go in with the wives?

Mumu: 丈夫们没有和妻子们一起进去(看)吗?

Kevin: No no no they waited in line and just let them in, you know. It’s nice waiting all day for let them see Cai Xukun. Maybe they went shopping in the afternoon.

Kevin: 没有没有他们就是来帮他们的妻子排队的,就是为了能让妻子们能看蔡徐坤。我觉得那些妻子们有可能下午还去购物了呢(笑)。

Mumu: But you went in with Sam right?

Mumu: 但是你跟Sam一起进去看了是吧?

Kevin: I went in yeah yeah yeah for sure. I was almost in the front row.

Kevin: 对的我进去看了,而且我几乎站在很前面的。

Sam: Yeah and he wants to see KUN.

Sam: 对的他(Kevin)其实自己也想见KUN。

Kevin: Yeah yeah really I wanted to see him.

Kevin: 对的我是真的想见见他。

Sam: We really enjoyed that show. It was really touching and I love it. It’s like unforgettable memory for us.

Sam: 我们真的很享受那场演唱会。 我觉得特别感动。 对我们俩来说那是一次难忘的回忆。

Mumu: Yeah absolutely. Throughout the past year we went though a lot with KUN, you know sometimes I cant even believe it has been only just a year, since he debuted, you know there are a lot of ups and downs, we shared a lot of emotions together. You know, sometimes we just laugh and cry, almost every single day, right? The emotions are just up and down all the time. I don’t know about Kevin, I mean, Kevin might have a different story.

Mumu: 确实呢。 在过去的一年里我们跟KUN一起经历了很多,有开心的也有不开心的。 有时候我不敢相信他出道才一年多,感觉像过去了很久了。 这一年多真的发生了很多跌宕起伏的事, 我们也和KUN彼此分享了很多情绪。因为那些跌宕的情绪一直存在着,很多时候我们几乎每天都在大笑或者大哭。我不知道Kevin是不是也有同样的感受,Kevin有可能有不一样的故事。

Kevin: I don’t know, yeah, ups and downs I don’t know. We don’t really feel it in Belgium that much, but Samantha, and she does and she brings it over to me, all the news. 

Kevin: 我不太知道呢。在比利时好像我们不太会感受到这么大的起起伏伏。 但是Samantha经常会和我分享一些新闻。

Sam: It’s like I sometimes cry and I complain you know, sometimes I cannot hold my feelings.  I feel why it’s unfair. I just feel sad for the IKUN, for all the IKUN and KUN.

Sam: 我有时候会哭也会抱怨,我就是忍不住。我会觉得为什么会那么不公平啊?我就是替KUN和IKUN抱不平。

Mumu: So have you ever felt stress, too stress or depress to continue the journey with him?

Mumu: 所以你有没有感到很有压力的时候?感到压力太大或者沮丧以至于无法继续陪伴KUN走下去了呢? 

Sam: I feel stressed, but I would never give up.

Sam: 我是感到压力,但我不会放弃(喜欢他)的。

Kevin: I think it’s important just always to follow your own heart, and ignore all the negativity around you, the ones who send out negativity, will not be the people who succeed in life, like life is all about teamwork and surrounding yourself with positive people, so the stronger team around you, the stronger you will be. I know it’s hard when you are like younger and in school, like people often don’t know how it can affect a person right? So it's easier to join the negative side, when you are young, cause people are afraid to get bullied as well. Thing is always stay positive, surround yourself with positive things, things will work out in the end, and that’s what I think like Cai Xukun also does it. He always stays positive, just keep song going and performing, and does what he does good and the end it will be ok, like stay positive I think, yeah, don’t let the negative people affect you. it’s the most important thing. People will eventually find out anyway and see he is good performer, singer, and all the negative news about him is not the right news, so it can not only make his fans bigger and bigger, but also in the end it's always a positive thing, right?

Kevin: 我觉得最重要的是忠于自己的内心,尽量去忽略周围的那些负能量。 那些经常传播负能量消极的人,实际生活中是不会成功的。生活其实就是团队合作,身边交往的都是积极正能量的人,这类人越多,你自己也会变得越强大。我知道还在学校读书的小朋友会比较困难, 因为年轻人可能不明白负能量对人的影响有多大,对吧? 而且他们也会怕被校园霸凌,所以很容易跟消极的人走到一起。面对事情人总要积极一点, 多接触正能量的事物,任何困难都会迎刃而解的。我认为蔡徐坤就是那个传播正能量的人。他总是秉持积极向上的生活态度,不断进行音乐创作和表演,做好他的本职工作,而且结果是好的。我觉得最重要就是这样保持积极心态,不让那些消极的人影响到你。不管怎样,人们最终会发现他是一个优秀的表演者,歌手,所有关于他的负面消息都不是正确的消息,所以这只能让他的粉丝越来越多,最终这总是一件积极的事情,对吧?

Mumu: Yeah, he emphasizes that in his interviews too, "that is the information is not real about him it doesn't bother him because it is not true". 

Mumu: 是的,KUN也在他自己的采访中强调了这一点,“如果他说的不是真的你,那你又有什么可介意”。

Berry: I'm pretty sure your words were very inspiring to our IKUNs not only IKUNs but also IKUNs' boyfriend and husband, cos you're such a great husband, Kevin.

Berry: 我很确定你的话对我们IKUN来说很受鼓舞,不仅是IKUN,还有IKUN的男朋友、老公,因为你就是一个很棒的IKUN老公。

Kevin: 哪里哪里。

Mumu: You speak Chinese! 你会说中文!

Kevin: 一点儿,我说的不好。

Mumu: How long have you learned Chinese? You did great. 

Mumu: 你学汉语多久了?你说的很好。

Kevin: I would really like to learn Chinese, if I have some more time in the future, I definitely continue doing it. 

Kevin: 我真的很想学中文,如果我将来有更多的时间,我一定会继续学。

Mumu: Sam, you're so lucky that you have such outstanding husband.

Mumu: Sam,你有这么优秀的丈夫真是太幸运了。

Sam: Yes, I didn't realize before but now I really really believe that. 

Sam: 是的,我以前没意识到,但现在我真的觉得我很幸运。

Kevin: You make me blush right now. haha. To other boyfriends and husbands, to support your girlfriend and wife what they like what they do like, you only make sure the relationship is stronger if you support what they are doing right. So when we share together, it can be great experience, like we enjoyed going to join London, we enjoyed going to Wuhan, it was a nice trip, in the meantime, we take the show you know, a nice show, he is a great performer. I should support my wife, and if I like something, my hobbies, then she support me what I am doing.

Kevin: 你让我害羞了,哈哈。对于其他男朋友或者老公,支持你的女朋友或妻子喜欢的,并且如果你支持她们做的对的事情,你们的关系会变得更紧密。所以当我们互相分享,这可以是段很棒的共同经历,就像我们很开心参加KUN的伦敦公演和Nine Percent武汉巡演,都是很好的旅程,与此同时我们看到了非常不错的现场演出,KUN是一个很不错的表演者。我支持我的妻子追KUN,同样如果我喜欢什么或者有什么兴趣爱好,她也会支持我的。

Mumu: That's a really good relationship goal, haha. 

Mumu: 这是理想的恋爱婚姻关系了,哈哈。

Sam: It's great for each other. 

Sam: 是的,对彼此都有好处,互相成长。

Kevin: Yeah, it's important in marrige and relationship. when I gave her a present, like her birthday, give her a real-life size poster of Cai Xukun, she really liked it.

Kevin: 是的,这在婚姻和感情中很重要。我送过她一件礼物,是在她的生日那天,给了她一个真人大小的蔡徐坤立牌海报,她真的很喜欢。

Sam: I was really touched and cried, and really surprised. That's a unique gift.

Sam: 我真的很感动哭了,也很惊讶。这是一份独特的礼物。

Berry: That's so sweet. 好甜蜜啊。

Kevin: He is standing in my room with Samantha. He scared me sometimes when I go up in the dark, all of a sudden, Cai Xukun was in front of me, super weird, it's like a person in our room you know. 

Kevin: 那真人海报就放在我们房间里,和Samantha相伴。他有时会吓到我,当我摸黑起身的时候,突然蔡徐坤就在我面前,感觉超奇怪的,就像我们房间里多了个真人。

Mumu: That's so funny. But I am sure there are plenty of IKUN feeling very jealous right now listening to Sam, you're very lucky. 

Mumu: 听起来好有趣。但我相信现在有很多IKUN听了都开始嫉妒Sam了。

Kevin: It also makes you to feel like bringing it to your heart that I don't think the reason why should be negative around her idol, he became my idol also, I appreciate her listening to him. 

Kevin: 你会觉得就是跟随自己的心走,我觉得不用在意为什么KUN有这么多负面消息,他现在也是我的偶像,我感谢Sam粉他(让我认识KUN)。

Berry: I just feel like Kevin is such a good model for all IKUN's boy friend and husband.

Berry: 我觉得凯文是所有IKUN男朋友和丈夫的好榜样。

Berry: You guys both like Cai Xukun right, did you guys tell you family and friends that you are big fans of KUN, if so, how did they react when you tell them as you are going to his concert?

Berry: 你们现在都喜欢蔡徐坤了,之前有没有告诉家人你们是KUN的超级粉丝,如果是的话,当你告诉家人你们要去听他的演唱会时,他们有什么反应?

Sam: Actually, I don't really have to tell anyone, because they see it all the time, I share everything about him, everywhere just him, so I don't really have to tell anyone they know it. And my mom also watched the Idol Producer, and my cousin also, they both fall in love with him, they really like him as well.

Sam: 事实上,我不需要告诉任何人,因为他们一直能看到,我分享的关于他的一切,到处都是他,所以我不需要告诉任何人他们就知道这件事。我妈妈也看了偶像制作人,我表亲也看了,他们都爱上了他,很喜欢他。

Kevin: In Belgium, they don't really know him yet, we let people listen to his songs, they all like him, which he performed, we spreaded a year in Europe, haha, I am sure he will do it by himself I have no doubt he gonna be famous in America, I am not worry about that. I hope he makes more music in a...

Kevin: 在比利时,还没有太多人认识他, 我们给他们听KUN的歌, 他们听完都很喜欢, 特别是他的表演,我们在欧洲安利KUN一年了, 哈哈, 不过我相信KUN自己就能做到,我毫不怀疑他会在美国变得受欢迎,我一点也不担心这点。我希望他做更多音乐是…

Sam: In English 英文歌。

Kevin: I don't think it really matters, it doesn't like an exotic field, he can also play spanish music, so I don't think that is really a problem, I mention the song especially when you are combining with English. My favorite song is even It's You, it's also Chinese, I don't really understand it neither. Yes, it's just about the song, I guess when you're singing it and bring it over . 

Kevin: 我觉得语言不是关键,这不像是说异国情调,KUN可以写英文也可以是西班牙语,所以我不认为这真的是个问题,我会容易安利它, 特别是当你这首歌是英文歌。但其实我最喜欢的歌曲是 《It's You》,这首歌是中文的,我也听不太懂歌词。但关注歌曲本身,你的演唱就能打动我。

Berry: It's You like he wrote this song just within one day, it's all done in one day. Which is truely amazing. 

Berry: 他好像一天内完成的这首《It's You》,这真的很神奇。

Kevin: Yeah, he should definitely make music video about it, it's my favorite song, should spread it! 

Kevin: 他绝对应该为这首歌制作MV,这是我最喜欢的歌,值得推广它!

Sam: For me, it's also my favorite song. It's You and Wait Wait Wait.

Sam: 这也是我最喜欢的歌,《It's You》还有《Wait Wait Wait》。

Kevin: Yeah, I don't really have a song that I don't like. 是的,其实没有哪首我不喜欢的。

Berry: Have you ever met some people who treats KUN as a stereotype as just say “fresh meat”or spread some negative information about him? And how would you react to this situation in that case?  

Berry: 你有没有遇到过有些人,他们对KUN有刻板印象,说他只是“小鲜肉”,或者散布一些关于他的负面信息? 在这种情况下你会如何应对的?

Sam: One day when we were in London, we were in a hotpot restaurant, there were strangers talking about KUN, about the basketball and NBA stuff, actually I was really angry at that moment, but Kevin told me leave him alone. so I didn't say anything at the beginning, then he keep going on with the wrong information, so I just told him he was doing a wrong thing, what he said it's totally not true. I was a little bit angry but I was still saying it very politely, at the end he was really embarrassed. He knew what he did was wrong.

Sam: 有一天我们在伦敦,在一家火锅餐厅,听到有陌生人在谈论KUN,关于篮球和NBA的事情,说实话我当时真的很生气,但是凯文告诉我不要理他。所以我一开始什么都没说,然后他就一直说那些不实流言,我就忍不住告诉他,他说的这些不是真的,他这么做不对。我有点生气,但我仍然很有礼貌地跟他讲,最后他真的很尴尬,也意识到自己做错了。

Kevin: The best thing is that Sam completely ignore my impatient and go on without a lie as a team as IKUN, stay positive, keep supporting Cai Xukun, everything he does, spread good news by ourselves about him, and what he does and eventually the bad news will disappear.

Kevin: 最棒的是Sam完全没有理会我(不想跟陌生人解释)的不耐烦,她像一个IKUN团队发言人,去真诚解释,保持这种积极态度支持蔡徐坤,支持他做的每一件事,通过我们自己传播关于他的正面消息,他真实所做的一切,最终流言蜚语会消失的。

Mumu: Totally agree. Kevin and Sam, if you have a chance to sit down, and chat with KUN in the coffee shop for about ten minutes, what would you like to talk about?

Mumu: 完全同意。Kevin和Sam,如果你们有机会坐下来,和KUN在咖啡厅聊十分钟,你们想聊些什么?

Kevin: There are so many things to talk about him. Many interesting things in the world, like travelling and talk about what he sing in the life, what he likes to do, who he would like to work with, in the future, the most important thing is, introduce Samantha to him. To get his signature and take pictures.

Kevin: 可以聊得话题太多了。世界上有很多有趣的事情,比如旅行,聊聊他私下生活喜欢唱什么,喜欢做什么,他将来想和谁一起合作,最重要的是,把Samantha介绍给他。得到他的签名并拍照。

Berry: That's so sweet. 你太贴心了。

Mumu: We really appreciate you joining us today, and have a lot of fun, we really appreciate you are showing out your experience, chatting with us.

Mumu: 我们非常感谢你们参加这期节目,聊了很多有意思的事情,我们非常感谢与你们聊天,谢谢你们分享的宝贵经历。

Kevin: That's my pleasure. Actually it‘s really honour to be on the show. Hopefully we can meet each other one day on the concert. We can eat some hotpot after that. I remember: Caixukun, 爸爸爱你!

Kevin: 这是我的荣幸。能上这个节目真的很荣幸。希望有一天我们能在KUN的公演上相遇。之后我们可以吃一些火锅。我记得这句中文: 蔡徐坤,爸爸爱你!

Berry: Whoo! What a fun episode! Thanks again for all the guests coming to IKUN meets KUN today, this is Berry. 

Berry: 哇,这期节目太有趣了!再次感谢所有参加IKUN meets KUN 节目的嘉宾,我是Berry。

Mumu: This is Mumu. 我是Mumu。

Berry: We will see yo yo yo~ in the next episode.

Berry: 我们下期节目再见啦。

Mumu: To learn more about KUN and his music, please visit Kundland’s official website at! Bye~

Mumu: 想要了解更多KUN的咨询和音乐作品,请关注姐姐团的官方网站! 下次见~

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