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KUN (Cai Xukun 蔡徐坤)

An Artist Back to the Stage


KUN, also known as Cai Xukun, is a singer, songwriter, and music producer, who has over 27 million followers on Weibo, Chinese's biggest social media platform. He has topped the "Star Power List" for over a year and is consistently ranked No. 1 on the "Celebrity Topic List" of Weibo. Debuted in the first place from the hit show Idol Producer in 2018, Kun has been known for his charismatic performance style and is often referred to as the "King of Stage" by his fans. Kun was awarded the Most Influential Idol and the Best Performing Male Singer in 2019.

As one of the most sought-after idol artists in China today, Kun has been devoting all his time and energy to making his own music. He kicked off his first tour in North America and the U.K. in early April of 2019. Some of the shows were sold out in minutes. After successfully wrapped up his tour, he returned to China and released couple new songs, including a digital album YOUNG. YOUNG had become the best selling album across all music platforms in China at all times. In 2020, Kun joined iQiyi's variety show "Youth With You Season 2" as a Youth Producer. He plans to hold his personal concerts in China. 

Music Style:

Future R&B, Urban R&B, Hip-hop, Pop, Dance, Electronic Soul, Electronica, Rock 


  • Dec. 15, 'I Wanna Get Love', single


  • Aug. 2, EP 1, including songs 'Pull Up', 'It's You', 'You Can Be My Girlfriend'

  • Aug. 23, 'Wait Wait Wait', single


  • Jan. 16, 'The Lunar Song' (一起笑出来), with Jackie Chan, the official theme song of the movie, The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang

  • Feb. 5, 'That Spring' (那年春天), Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala exclusive.

  • Feb. 18, 'No Exception' (没有意外), his first Chinese single

  • Mar. 15, 'Bigger', first EDM

  • Mar. 25, 'Pull Up' (remix), Dragon TV Music Awards special stage

  • ‘It's You' (remix), KUN ONE TOUR, no studio version

  • Apr. 19, 'Hard to Get', single

  • Jul. 26, EP YOUNG, incl. songs 'YOUNG' and 'Blindfolded' (蒙着眼)

  • Nov. 15, 'REBIRTH', composed by KSHMR with lyrics written by Kun

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