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T Magazine & KUN Jan 2020

Chine. January Cover, 2020.

蔡徐坤:Classic Force

- 作为一种有迹可循的心理引导,古典迫牌的机关在于操控。

KUN: Classic Force

- As a traceable psychological guidance, the mechanism of Classic Force lies in manipulation.

蔡徐坤展现的面貌,都是他「愿意」展现的部分 —— 就如同近景魔术师在古典迫牌(Classic Force)中使用的技巧 —— 不是你选择了他,而是他操控着自己的形态。这本身就是一种需要天赋和勤奋才能达成的魔术。

The persona of KUN represents the aspects that he is willing to show to others. Just like the tricks used by a close-up magician in an act called the Classic Force (normally with cards), it is not you who choose him, but it is him who control his own form (needed for the occasion or performance). This magic requires gifted talents and hard work in order to succeed.

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