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Music Talk: KUN - No Exception (没有意外)

"No Exception (没有意外)" is KUN's 6th single released in February 2019 and was the first song that Kun wrote all lyrics in Chinese. It broke two records of QQ Music by topping the charts in 7 minutes after its release. It is still the most popular single of 2019. It had been the No.1 hit on Yo! Bang Music Chart and Fresh Asia Music Chart for 3 consecutive weeks.

Life sometimes is a lonely self-rally. With no exceptions, there are always disappointment. But this could also be a test for your endurance. Accompanied by the soothing piano music, KUN tells a sentimental story about love.

KUN invited artists from South Korea to bring his message of this song into reality. After learning about KUN's personal story, Mr. Noh Sangho painted the song cover and VCR Works Studio created a mesmerizing animation video for this special music piece. KUN'd performed this song once so far back in September 2019, at the Happy Camp Concert. His vocal was captivating.

To appreciate this song further, we invited Mandy, an IKUN from the Netherlands, to share her thoughts about "No Exception" with its MV and the live performance below.


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