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IKun Meets Kun EP 2 英中对照

Episode 2: Kun's New Song 'Hard to Get' & Solo Tour in the U.S.

第2期: 新歌《Hard to Get》和美国公演的粉丝分享

In this second episode, we will not only talk about Kun's new song 'Hard to Get' but also invited three guests to share their experience at Kun's Tour in the U.S.! There will also be some special interviews from overseas iKuns on the date of the shows.

在这一期,我们不仅要聊一聊KUN的新歌《Hard to Get》,而且还邀请了3位粉丝,来分享她们去美国公演的亲身体会和经验建议。最后,我们还会听一听公演当天采访海外粉丝的片段。精彩内容,现在开始。

Hosts 主持人: Berry and Kat

Guests 嘉宾: Mumu, Alia and Isabella


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