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FAQ - All You Need To Know about the Tour

  1. When will the tickets be available for purchase?

  2. How long is each show?

    • Each show is expected to be about 1 hour long. But this is just an estimate. The actual duration will be subject to the arrangement of the organizers.​

  3. What is the schedule for each show? When will it start and end on the day?

    • San Francisco: April 5th, doors open at 9pm

    • Los Angeles: April 6th, doors open between 10pm to 2am

    • New York: April 7th, doors open at 8pm

    • London: April 12th, doors open between 7pm to 10:30pm

    • Toronto: May 24th, doors open at 10pm

    • Vancouver: May 25th, doors open at 10pm to 2am

  4. Are there other artists performing in the shows?​

    • This will be a show for Kun, supported by Y2K or other DJs.

  5. If I plan to attend two or more shows, will there be enough time for traveling?

    • It is possible but please plan your travel time carefully and be safe!

  6. Is it entirely a DJ show or will there be singing and dancing segments?

    • It will be a combination of DJ and singing performance.

  7. How to purchase the official LED glow stick?

    • Official LED glow sticks will not be available for this tour. 

  8. Where are the venue locations?

    • San Francisco: The Midway

    • Los Angeles: Academy

    • New York: Kings Hall

    • London: Electric Brixton

    • Toronto: Toybox

    • Vancouver: Harbour Event Center

  9. Will there be designated areas for different tickets? Any price tiers?

    • All tickets are general admissions only and they are sold for the same price.

  10. Can you provide a safety manual for fans who are traveling for the show?

  11. Are there any items prohibited in the venues? Are cameras and/or selfie sticks allowed?

  12. After the show at Toronto, I need to catch a flight to Vancouver. Are there any lockers or coat room on-site where I can store my baggage during the show?

    • Event venues offer Coat Check service but we suggest you to keep valuable items with you.

  13. Let us know if your concern is not covered above [ Contact Us ]

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